Fatboy Slim’s Sussex party date revealed

theargus_14012009The Argus, 14th January 2009.
By Lawrence Marzouk

Fatboy Slim will return to Brighton for his fifth Big Beach Boutique party.

Brighton and Hove City Council has earmarked September 4 and 5 for the latest of the DJ’s seafront gigs.

In a report to Councillor David Smith, cabinet member for culture, the council has confirmed plans to close Madeira Drive for the event.

A separate report to the council’s cabinet will be drafted once full details are received.

A licence will also need to be approved by councillors.

Organiser Loud Sound has told police it will cut the number of revellers for future events and rearrange the site following safety concerns at the 2008 gig.

source: theargus.co.uk

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  1. I think Norman Cook should change is dj set this year @ BBBV by doing the same a Daft Punk did in there Alive 2007 tour
    Norman should use all his Top Tracks and remixes to make one big set and i think that would be bloody brilliant


  2. I agree with you Woka. An Alive 2007 esque thing with Norm would work really well on an outdoor enviroment, better than just playing House records, despite most of them being good, don’t sound very FBS-like.

  3. While I think that Norman doing something Like an Alive 2007 thing, would be great. We have to expect him to grow, and change what he does is his sets. As he does with his music. He will always play some of his big tunes. Some of the biggest critisisms that he gets, is that he never changes. So, if he did do an Alive 2007 thing. People will just moan about him playing all his own music, and not doing anything different

    As much as we all love to the man to bang out the old fav’s. We forget that he is a huge supporter of new acts, tunes etc:. The best way for him to get that across to the public, is to play them in his sets.

    It’s still ages away till BBBV. I hope we will get a wee clue as to where he is going this year from the gigs coming up this month in, London, Liverpool, and Brighton. But then again, they will be club gigs.

    Whatever he does, as fans I’m sure we will be pleased with it :D

  4. I agree with Woka and Rory,something like the Daft Punk An Alive 2007 would be great.Or as a house set,something like the old Norman that would have played records that no other Dj would,some tunes that would take you by suprise.
    On The Floor At The Boutique Norm is by far the best.
    But whatever Norman has planned for the future he will always bring a smile to our faces :)

  5. When i say do a Alive 2007 style set i mean norman mashing is own tracks together like say ” right here right now vs Bird of pray and so on and just add little effects to the mash up’s to make them sound more house ‘n’ big beat style
    please listen to the daft punk Alive 2007 cd and you will catch my drift


  6. I totally got what you meant the first time Woka,as i have the Daft Punk Alive cd at home,i was at there gig @Oxegen in Ireland 2007 and it was more or less the same set.Yes it would be cool for Norman to play a set along the same lines as that,with mash ups and remixes of all his own tracks.
    But apart from that if he was to do a HOUSE set i would like Norm to be more adventurous with his record selection.


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