Fatboy Slim joins the Revolution project


 (Havana, CU) – Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook is currently working on a new venture entitled the The Revolution project. The project is set to unite Cuban musical tradition with Western production techniques and styles, which will be released on June 9th, 2009 on the Rapster label.

This idea all came about when the executive producers Zack Winfield and Ado Yoshizaki travelled in Cuba for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by an abundance of hidden talent. The Revolution is bringing some of the most promising musicians that Winfield and Yoshizaki have encountered including members of Cuban group Sexto Sentido and Anónimo Consejo with producers like Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. In addition they united Rich File of UNKLE, Poet Name Life aka Black Eyed Peas, Guy Sigsworth (producer of Björk) Marius De Vries (producer of The Sugarcubes), and Cameron McVey & Jan Kybert for an album. The outcome of this concept will be curiously interesting.

The album will also include some special guests like Roisin Murphy, Orishas, Lateef The Truthspeaker & more. They have posted a full track which is available for free download entitled Siente Mi Ritmo and the track featuring the vocal talents of members of Sexto Sentido and the music is produced by Norman Cook. Hit the link below for more info.

More details: /www.therevolution-revolution.com/
& http://www.wordandsound.de/article/58256/zoom

source: www.365mag.com



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