Fatboy Slim Commissions New Video

Dance giant Fatboy Slim has commissioned a new video by a completely unknown new British director.


Fatboy Slim has always known the value of a decent video. The dance giant stormed the United States on the back of inventive promos such as ‘Praise You’ which may have featured on of the world’s first flash mobs.

Helping push his music into a global sphere of recognition, some of the videos are better known than the actual single. ‘Weapon Of Choice’ featured Christopher Walken strutting his stuff, mixing Hollywood stars with British dance music.


Now Fatboy Slim is set to commission a new director via the online project Radar Music Videos. New track ‘Machines Do The Work’ will be given an inventive video by an as yet unknown director.


The project could uncover a vital new British film talent, with the video set to be given an official release. In the past Radar Music has been used by a variety of groups, including Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip.


The spoken word duo previously recruited an unknown director, sparking a series of collaborations. Director David Fisehl was chosen to create the video for their single ‘Sick Tonight’ and has gone on to work with several other artists.


In total, more than 100 artists have used Radar Music to find a new director with the site uniting artists with previously unknown film crews.


Fatboy Slim will pick the best video, with the pick of the crop being broadcast on the BBC Film Network via the Radar section on the broadcaster’s official website.


source: clashmusic.com

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