Armand Van Helden on UK raves, the ’90s and boxing Fatboy Slim

The influential DJ spoke to Gigwise ahead of next month’s Ceremony festival

As a hugely successful DJ and house producer, Armand Van Helden been influential in the dance music scene since the mid 90s. He’s still humble though. “It’s a blessing. I just put it out there and see what the public says.”

Renowned for fast paced, soulful and uplifting dance cuts like “My My My”, the man has sent venues across the globe into a dance fuelled frenzy.

We caught up with Van Helden before his exclusive Boiler room set a couple of weeks ago, and interviewed him DIY style on the streets of East London. He was enthusiastic and animated throughout, soaking up the London atmosphere before he played to an eager crowd of pumped up dance-heads.”

He spoke on the ’90s, his past collaborations with Dizzee Rascal and “the most nerve racking boxing match with Fatboy Slim at Brixton Academy.”

Van Helden will be playing a classic ’90s set at Finsbury Park’s Ceremony Festival next month. “That was the main reason as to why i wanted to come out and do it,” he said of the ’90s theme. “They were like, ‘Hey, come and do an old school set’. I said, ‘Absolutely!’ and I’m super excited.”

Armand Van Helden plays Ceremony Festival in Finsbury Park on Saturday, 12 September.


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