T.H.E Interview – Fatboy Slim

Fresh off the back of a certified gold album, The Fatboy Slim collection, musical icon, Norman Cook is set to rip the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival apart from his inimitable high energy show.

A string of successful appearances at European festivals over the summer saw Norman hosting his own massive Smile High Club arenas with more energy than ever. His weird and wonderful Random Acts of Smileyness left people delighted and aghast in equal measure.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with this legend and speak to him performing at #BEVC15! Amidst our discussion, we even got Norman to conceptualize his very own Bacardi Enchanted Valley Festival. Read our chat below!


Akshay – Hey Norman! Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. What are you upto currently?

Fatboy Slim -Currently tinkering with a tune for a film with a film star buddy of mine. That’s all I can reveal right now!

Akshay – You will be headlining the all new BEVC this year. Tell us your reaction when you first heard the news. Considering that you have visited the country in the past, what is it that you’re expecting this time around? Both from the festival and the fans.

Fatboy Slim – It is still only my second time in India so it still feels quite an adventure for me. A new audience, a different culture but we are united in our desire to escape into a world of dance and celebration.

Akshay – BEVC as a festival is quite unique and amongst the few festivals across the globe that goes beyond music and offers camping and adventure opportunities to its fans. What are your views on this concept?

Fatboy Slim -It is always good to see a festival that goes further than the established genres. There are so many festivals that all feel a little bit the same. The location and adventure involved in the BEVC seems to create a unique vibe. I probably won’t be able to join in too many of the extreme sports but I will thrive off that atmosphere and try and make it even more special..

Akshay – The location itself, Aamby Valley City is beautiful and perfectly ticks all the boxes when it comes to what BEVC offers as a festival. Have you had a chance to discover the venue in the past or hear about it?

Fatboy Slim – I had neither heard of the place or the festival so it is all deliciously new to me…

Akshay – Let’s talk about that ‘Human Smiley’! We have seen the photo and the video, and it still doesn’t do justice to what we are sure you may have experienced while putting it together!!! Describe it for us.

Fatboy Slim -It was a huge leap into the unknown for all of us. We learnt a lot whilst doing it. It seemed a simple idea but as we were setting it up it became more and more complicated but then on the day it went back to being simple. People like to get involved and smile at our own collective absurdity. It was possibly the most pointless yet enjoyable stunt I’ve ever pulled!

Akshay – We know the chances of getting a definite answer to this question are quite slim. Can we see you attempt to pull a ‘Human Smiley’ at this year’s BEVC?

Fatboy Slim – I would love to but I’ll have to start talking to promoters/sponsors etc pretty quick!

Akshay – Basis the fact that you have released a DVD compilation titled, ‘Incredible Adventures – In Brazil’ in the past, you seem to be an adventure junkie. Which are the top 5 adventure activities on your bucket list that you are yet to try?

Fatboy Slim –

a human smiley at EVC

first DJ in space

underwater roller skating

ride on a boat plane (careful what you wish for….)

an actual residency at a club in Ibiza. Most years I play 10 shows in different places over the season but in 20 years of playing there I’ve never been an actual resident.

Akshay – Here’s a fun question. We would like you to imagine a scenario where you were asked to put together the EVC festival.

i. Name 3 headliners that you would have as part of the line-up.

Fatboy Slim –

Major lazer (or at least Diplo DJ-ing)


Hannah Wants

ii. Name the country whose crowd you would want to attend the festival.

Fatboy Slim – Brazilians please.

iii. Name two photographers you would want covering the event.

Fatboy Slim –

James Leighton-Burns

Andrew Aitchison

iv. Name 3 adventure activities you would definitely have as part of the festival

Fatboy Slim –

1. human smiley making

2. donkey golf

3. seabob racing in the lake (naked)

Akshay – Thanks a ton Norman and we can’t wait to see you at EVC 2015. Wish you the very best!

Fatboy Slim – A pleasure. See you there!

Fatboy Slim has earned a well deserved reputation for his live appearances and now more than ever, is the time to be a part of!


source: themusicessentials.com

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