Fatboy Slim – Beats 1 Radio Show #1 (09 Sept 2016)


In all his 53 years, Fatboy Slim has never hosted a radio show before. That is, until now with his new two-hour program on Beats 1, 09 sept 2016 at 6 pm EST / 3 pm PST. [APPLE MUSIC]

“I’ve never done a residency in Ibiza until this year and everybody else equally said, well why have you never actually never done a residency?’ the colorful British DJ and producer says to Beats 1 host Zane Lowe. “If I’m honest, I’d go with anyone, I’d never get in bed with them I just kinda do my stuff for them and go. So I wasn’t allowed to say ‘whore’ on the radio I take it. I’ve just been whoring myself out. You’re the first person to make an honest woman of me.”

The premise of the show is quite unique. Beats 1 hands over the reins for two hours, and Fatboy takes the audience on an epic musical journey sans road map. He chooses a song to start with and he predetermines a song with which to end, but all those bits in between? He has no idea until it happens….

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