NCI is 8 years old

14th December 2012 Admin 0

(Thanks Rory for sharing this link ) Thanks to all for your support since the beginning of the adventure. Francisnotdead

NCI is 7 year’s old

14th December 2011 Admin 0

Thanks for your support since all those years… even if this site is not so active i would like ;)  but who knows maybe one year i will find the free time to finish it. Sincerly, Francisnotdead


14th December 2010 Admin 0

…feet under? Dear visitor addict, Today this site is 6 years old. So many years for this little website..I should be proud but … in fact this webiste is very unfinished , non updated… Thanks to support nci. Francisnotdead.

Give Me Five!

14th December 2009 Admin 0

Today, this website have 5 years old. No really exciting news because, i have no time this last days (/months? ) to update seriously the place. Anyway,  i wrote this special post to celebrate the little community.This year was not very active for this site, … Read More >> is 4 years old !

14th December 2008 Admin 0

It’s with emotion that today we can celebrate the 4th birthday of this website. I can’t say how many hours i lost to construct it.   2008: The FATboard & community development If we have something to retain of 2008, it’s the creation of the … Read More >>

Too much is never enough…

14th December 2007 Admin 13

Today, it’s already 3 years that i started the adventure of NCI. I’ve never realised to pass so many time in his construction. I prepared nothing to this special day, no video, no photos, no new version of website, no banner, no new design: just … Read More >>

2 years old

14th December 2006 Admin 10

Website in December 2005 Website in January 2006 2006: one year of development of a FAT encyclopedia Probably boosted by my experience at the brixton academy gig of the 16 december 2005, i decided to develop an international fan website as we never seen. During … Read More >> is one year old!

14th December 2005 Admin 0

Today, the website is 1 year old. You’ve come a long way, Baby With the creation, i never though that i could have created such a cool website .. The was so little and basically all in French lol .. I was the … Read More >>