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connectingpeopleToday, it’s already 3 years that i started the adventure of NCI. I’ve never realised to pass so many time in his construction. I prepared nothing to this special day, no video, no photos, no new version of website, no banner, no new design: just this simple post with my bad english writing inside.

Forest Gump
I’ve to admit that 2007 was a bonus year. i though really to stop all in february: at this time, i though to contribute only to the official FBS forum but the hacking of this last openned new directions: developpment of the blog. I won’t resume the 2007’s year, you have to go to the archive and see that i posted alot, you saw the evolution (anti-spam, design..) , lot of you follow me daily.. (a strange image come to me: i’m feel like “Forest Gump“: i run i run and you follow me lol ) . It’s very strange to be a driver of a little community ..( i should use the word “family”).

FND, “the big head”?
So for once time, i could have the “big head” but not.. Of course, i’m proud and very happy to see that you like my work (for me it’s not a work). The blog is a result of the dead official forum, observations, frustrations and evolution of internet.
I’m a from oldschool internet so the adaptation is difficult for me. it’s crazy how all change. The more info we have on google, the more they are uninteresting!, it’s start to be boring when we search after infos to filter all the links, commercial, no infos.. its ask more and more time to find THE exclusive info. Sometimes i’m near to stop all but finally i continue… 30 minutes by days, it’s the average time i pass to purpose you the topics. (I have in my hands, more 5 years of archive too..) Maybe, i posted too much but in fact i note all that i found each day ’cause search motors are capricious… In add i’m am helped by some of you ;) . The blog is finally all that we like: FBS style, FBS music, FBS friends, Electronic Music.. so how i could stop that? This is why this blog is special and unique. It’s made for and by people who like sharing, discussion, fatboy slim, fbs fans… that’s all, no need to explain. People who like stay in it and the other who hate.. leave it (or they are banned by me lol, yeah it’s cruel but obliged for the survey of the site).
The future of
The static part of the website won’t evolve, even if i’m working on the update of the Fatboy Slim discography, that’s all (more 200 pages to update and correct! .. ), you’ll see the result in few days. I think to continue blogging.. try to find exclusives infos. And something tell me that 2008 will be an interesting year: new fbs* album (*not sure that it will be released under the fbs alias) , new tour, maybe new sets, probably new mixes… There will be certainly a new official fbs website for the out of the new album.. but i don’t think that they will install a new forum ’cause today it’s more the era of “web 2.0” = blogs, myspace & co. Anyway, after all the liberty i took with the fnd’s notebook, i definitively doesn’t want to start again a carreer of admin/moderator in any new forum.

I hope see new redactors in the blog in 2008 ;)

I have to praise you…
I must thanks especially woka who work hard in the background and is my first informer. Millions thanks to darko for his tracklists. Thanks to luke again.
Thanks to people who follow me since the beginning: Filter, CraigK, Mr Frog, fqboy, borsuczy, veinar90, zenit, crazylonghair, fatboy_seb.
I must add rory, spray, Si, Zany_Jim, dja, stab, Acidfunk, surfacetoair, djaugust, mio, Tim, jOsSse, Angel, MrNYC, gustav, mindao…. I probably forget somes.

To conclude, sorry to addicted you ;)


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The site made now more 5 Gigas of datas, contains 600 videos in streaming & have more 200 visitors by days.. (blog + website)


  1. if your english is bad then i can’t find words to discribe mine :)
    anyway i just want to say that this site could’t be better.allways fresh news , lots of fotos, videos – two words – full proffessional. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK FND! as for design issue it fits in Fatboy funky style perfect and looks really good.
    i don’t know how other Fats fans but i can’t remember last time i ‘ve visited official FBS site!lt was a year and a half maybe 8-O

    keep the good work Fran and let’s hope next year will be better for us.maybe we wil get more sets and of course the new album.

    peace to all FatFamilly 8-)

  2. Hi all @ ‘Team’…

    Firstly thanks to FND for all his hard work and passion that goes into making this site as great as it is, its been a pleasure contributing when I can and I will continue to do so as much as I can.

    Second, thanks to everyone else who helps out with the info that drives this site, we’ll get by with a little help from our friends!


    Keep up the good work FND, I’m with you all the way pal ;-)

    Darko (fresh from the Chemical Brothers live in Brighton)

  3. 3 years wow, time flies.

    Like borsuczy i cant actually remember the last time I visted the official site lol, this site is always my first port of call everyday with out fail. FND (and everyone else) is doing such a good job of finding great info that I never bother to update, hopefully with a new album out next year i will update lol

    but anyway thanks for another great year of the blog and lets hope 2008 is even better


  4. FND, thanks for all your hard work. Good job you’re here to maintain the FAT spirit! Please don’t give up, we need you! Looking forward to 2008 and more fresh news on the new album… Thanks again!

  5. Many thanks to you, Francois! You’ve done marvellous work, and that’s why we follow you.
    Skint managers, if you are listening, this has become the best place for all the things Fatboy in the web, so please give Francois some money, or at least pass him fresh news and stuff when the new album comes. It is in your best interest.

  6. Thanx Francis… BEST SITE EVER about Fatboy slim and his career.
    Congratulating…. :-) :-) :-)
    And the all information about FBS will be here !
    Francis you are the best !

  7. Hey Mate – thx for all the good work. You constantly brighten my sometimes dull office days with all the good stuff you dig out about Norman

  8. Congrats to Francis for 3 years of fun, information and entertainment with this blog and thx all contributors for the hard work it takes to make this such a great place for the Fatboy cummunity. I’m looking forward to the next year! :-)
    Btw, i agree with Filter: Francis should be rewarded for his work here by Skint, hey guys, it’s christmas time soon…! 8-)

    Greetz Crazylongair

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