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After a week of work: 95% of the videos are converted in flash streaming (as Google or You Tube), the result is a win of space for me + better presentation. (more 70 videos were converted!)

Some new scans of newspapers / mags should be uploaded this month of june (70 scans are already on my hard drive). My next priority: finish the gallery section (i have again 500 pics to order and i’m affraid to see that with next summer festival, i must add others lol))

I should update the biography (which was the stopped at palookaville album!). the last step should be to replace all the extracts in real format by extracts in mp3 streaming (& certainly added some). I’ll probably had extracts in “samples section”.

For those who ask me when my website will be finished = probably in september. its the final month that i decided to stop the fatboyslim.org project (even if i have some doubts to finish it one day lol ) After September: i’ll probably kill Francisnotdead and leave the FBS scene to take others ways…. (but its already 3 months that i have to kill Francisnotdead lol).

Cheers FND.


  1. Fantastic blog!

    I had thought to do one on fatboy slim, but yours is insuperable!

    It is the blog that I wanted to do.

    I will resign myself to publishing a few videos that I recorded of his performances in Barcelona, in the Summercase Festival (July, 2006) and in the Sala Razzmatazz (December, 2004).

    Good work.

    Regards from Spain!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Angel. I understand your resignation but don’t forget that all my stuff is the result of 2 years of work with the help of many international fans. All that take many of my time ’cause it’s not easy to renew infos, find exclusivities and to made a different website than other. It’s congratulations and messages like you which permit me to continue this hard work.

    Cheers from France 8) ,

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