Happy new year 2009!

Ok this new version of blog is always in construction, but i was obliged to update all the engine.
I decided to completly change the plateform of the blog. (yeah i know why a 31 december? well probably because when you are drunked you don’t think to the consequencies and all the problems it could generate he he..) It’s run under wordpress now. This change is for me the first step of the construction of the new generation of nc.info site. The old blog was good but completly buggy. Now you can login / register to comment in this blog and maybe later participate to the life of the blog. More features will come soon. (Let me learn & enjoy development he he ).

Sorry for the hard transition but sometimes we need to take decisions and provocate movement!
The good thing: i success to backup all databases of the old blog (and precious comments), we will have now a stable start to construct a better dynamic website.

The problem: we should meet some technical problems during few weeks (broken links.. bugs.. shity design..need to add all categories .. glups) but don’t worry, i’m sure that you are ready for the adventure…
(damn need to tag all posts and put them in new categories..)

The FATboard stay open.


Note: for the redactors team, your account are still active…

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