Fatboy Slim – Live On Brighton Beach, The Swiss Bigbeat Radio

15 July 2006

Date of the broadcast: 07/15/2006
Date of the set: 2002
Source: Stream Radio (www.bigbeat.ch)
Size: 32,00 Mo
Duration: 00H 36min 00s
Quality: 128 Kbps
Format: mp3
Released by ?


  1. It’s certainly a "rebroacast" of the live on brighton beach 2002…( => probably the CD) / i understand your disapointement! (sorry, i didn’t note the real date, now it’s corrected). This set had no really interest except for those who collect live sets… Its was just to answer to some people about what was this set in my list ;) . If you search after 2006 live sets, i think that there will be no new set before a long time. the festival season is finished :) and probably norman will take a break. New sets will be rebroadcast.. that’s all.

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