For The Record

by Jason Walsh
An article from Digit Mag about sleeves and packaging in the mp3 era:

[…]With downloads, the artwork is often gone entirely. In fact, we may be seeing the beginning of a generation gap – today's teenagers are growing up accustomed to screen-savers, desktop wallpaper and, of course, videos as the primary modes of visual expression associated with music, rather than sleeve art.[…]

[…] I'm personally a vinyl person,- says Ed Templeton, creative director of Red Design. The company has created artwork for an array of musicians including David Gray, McFly, and Fatboy Slim.[…] But Templeton believes people like to collect. -The public who are buying downloads are kids who've never owned a record or a CD,- he says. […]


source: Simon Thornton's blog

More infos about Red Design: article from Digit Mag (2005) & Red Design website

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