Aldo Vanucci – When I See You Smile (Fatboy Slim remix) (2007)

The original song & lyrics: Bad English – When i See You Smile (1999)

The full version of the FBS remix:

Artist: Aldo Vanucci
Title: Straight Lift Album Sampler
Label: Good Living
Catalogue number:GLR001
Country: UK
Format: Vinyl 12″

Main Information
King of the mash-up, Mr Aldo Vannucci drops a fat four tracker as teaser for his some come album. The A side is taken up with two reworkings of his anthemic reworking of Singing Sweets classic reggae nugget. First up Fatboy Slim goes down a ‘Praise You’ type path with loadsa wobbly noises, then the Deadly Avenger whacks the vocal over Isaac Hayes classic ‘Use Me’ break. Some new dancefloor shenanigans take over on the flip,, with Aphletik taking control of the mic on Holla Down, while Lets Get Down uses an ace rolling piano sample to slay tyhe dancefloor. Good unpretentious fun ideal for summer frolics.

A1 When I See You Smile (Fatboy Slim remix)
A2 When I See You Smile (Deadly Avenger remix)
B1 Holla Down Listen
B2 Lets Get Down Listen

source & more infos: / Aldo Vanucci’s MySpace

Special thanks to vinyl pimp from Official FBS Forum ;)


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