www.fatboyslim.net is dead ?




A little post in memory of the old fatboyslim.net site and his old official forum. Again a page is turned and it’s a big nostalgy which take me…Particulary for the forum which was the place where i meet really interesting people (yeah i retain only the best LOL ) and the begining of my site. Skint decided to redirected the link in direction of the offical myspace website (it seems that they didn’t that properly LOL ). Unfortunately, the strategy is to don’t really inform the fans. Hope it will change. Personnaly, i have to admit that continue blogging is hard (for several reasons: no news, no really motivations..) anyway i know that some of us will be there to help me. I don’t like the myspace system.. so its probably force me to continue my work here. So come on Brazil Tour 2008! I can’t stay without blogging…!!!


  1. hopefully there should be some info with new album coming this year and this blog wil keep going along as you still have the good support of the FND fans

  2. they never should have dumped the old school "gutter and stars" forum. :-|
    keep up the great work, FND! LOL

  3. Of course, you’ll understand this post as sarcatsic. It’s long time that fbs.net is dead. Unfortunately, i never know the gutter and stars forum.. every people who talk to me about it have good memory. I only found an interest in internet in 2004. All that i want to keep, it’s a space of share. Thanks for the feedback i feel less lonely…

    Have a good Week end,


    Note: i will scan old archive in few days that i found in all my unorder collection.. its permit us to wait after the next fbs album…
    (old german, japan , french magazine archive programmed…)

    So keep contact & see you soon…

  4. A shame that his official page should be offed. Myspace is not the equivalent of a real webpage. Hopefully Fatboy & co. will realise this as well. Anyway, Francis, this is one more reason why you should keep up your great work here! LOL


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