22nd December 2015 Admin 1

Dear FBS Fan, After one sabbatical year, i’m so happy today to launch the new version of FBSO (even if it’s for the moment on beta form). It was hard to merge the best of we did this last years with and after … Read More >>

Official FBS Myspace Updated

25th October 2008 Admin 0

Non updated since long time (probably since december 2007!) , the official FBS myspace have now a new design…for the out of The 10th Anniversary Commemorative edition of You’ve come a long way album In add, we can listen a free stream of a live … Read More >>

Don’t forget the FATwiki!

26th March 2008 Admin 0

… In fact, made a new design for the wiki was a good excuse to don’t finish the update of the fatboy slim’s discography .. . Now the FATwiki will be less lonely and integrated..

Running on empty ?

24th February 2008 Admin 0

Well, as you can see i didn't post since a long time.. (only one week and its seems an eternity he he) In fact i took the opportunity of the quite moment (no fbs news) to update the poor old website (non updated since … Read More >>

FATboard Officially open

1st February 2008 Admin 4

As i announced and after 12 days of test.. the board is officially open. I would like to thanks all the Beta tester. To resume, 5 sections, 4 readables by guests and one only for members a private board with 4 sections. No really rules. … Read More >> is dead ?

10th January 2008 Admin 7

A little post in memory of the old site and his old official forum. Again a page is turned and it’s a big nostalgy which take me…Particulary for the forum which was the place where i meet really interesting people (yeah i retain only … Read More >>

Too much is never enough…

14th December 2007 Admin 13

Today, it’s already 3 years that i started the adventure of NCI. I’ve never realised to pass so many time in his construction. I prepared nothing to this special day, no video, no photos, no new version of website, no banner, no new design: just … Read More >>

Miller Beer Website (2007) [RUSSIA]

10th December 2007 Admin 0

They use “Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night” as soundtrack for their website. The music was probably used in Ad TV.. Need to be verified. More details: / Russian Version Or English version

21st August 2007 Admin 3

For once time, a FBS website which was not in my links…  With a “24H FBS radio streaming” Visit

Updates & Future

29th July 2007 Admin 2

After much considerations, observations and waste of time, i took some decisions about the future of… The FATwiki project is reduced to a simple tracklist wiki. Develop an encyclopedia is fantastic when we are several but in the actual time (i don't forget those … Read More >>