Fatboy Slim – Live @ Club Pacha, Sao Paulo, Brazil (23 Jan 2008) Part.2

Source: Radio Energia 97 FM, Brazil
Size: 203 Mo in 33tracks
Duration: 02H06mn38sec
Quality: 224 Kbps
Format: mp3 / 33 tracks
Released by DJ Vini & Mastered by DJ Wally



Tracklist by woka:

  • Radio Energia Intro
  • Fatboy slim – praise u intro
  • Unconditional – Sole (Nari & Milani Mix)
  • Black ghosts – face (switch remix)
  • Micky slim – jump
  • Fatboy slim – right here right now (redanka mix)
  • Hernandez vs Dj Tyo – About Us
  • Kurd Maverick – lets work (Belocca remix)
  • Hoxton Whores – Friday saturday love (instumental
  • The Screetch – The Screetch
  • Onephatdeva – in & out of my life
  • Steve Mac & M.Y.N.C Project – Bells Of Brighton
  • Fatboy slim – Put Yours Hands Up For Brazil
  • Chemical Brothers vs Dynamix II-Do It Again (Breaks_Mix)
  • Richard Grey – Warped Bass
  • Fatboy Slim – Everybody Needs a 303
  • Groove Armada – Superstylin
  • Shinichi Osawa – Samurai Theme
  • Dylan Rhymes – Breathe
  • Flaunt-it djs – Is there anybody out there
  • Hoxton whores vs Cream – sunshine of my love
  • Fatboy slim vs Rap Das Armes (Fatboy Brazil Bootleg)
  • Tim Deluxe – Just wont do
  • John Paul Young – Love Is In the Air
  • Fatboy Slim – Praise U (Fatboy Slim Full Length Mix)

Special FAT thanks to DJ Vini, DJ Wally & woka!

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  1. oh my god, sorry, but there’s a cup of shit.
    kitchen-electro… i hate this unsoul music. keep bigbeat & funk alive, i say, keep alive.
    because there’s not a party music, there’s a drug-addict music.
    bigup, oldschool norm, but this toilet music… sssshit.

    i think, i’m in love for this track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMACOpqx_eM
    and similars.
    but the micky slim’s asshole music… why? the hoxton whores got a grrrrreat remix for house of pain too, why norm’s play the shitty remix?
    okay, i got it, the people wants, but i think in 2008, the people are stupid.
    unsoul music, onehundredtwentywhatever bpm… what’s happened with this world, while i hear fatboy slim 24hrs a day?

    i don’t do drugs, it’s possible, why i don’t understand…
    but i don’t care.
    i live in 1999…

    so, sorry for everybody who really thinks this style was still cool, but… 80’s with more bass? pff.
    i don’t care, that’s my opinion.

    i really hope, when norm’s coming to my country, that’s not happening.
    because i’m really angry now.
    house was great. breakbeat was great. funk, soul music are great.
    bigbeat music is the best party and… everything music i’ve ever heard.

    and the best… norm’s play these tracks in BRAZIL?
    where he plays sambassed house a couple months ago?
    i don’t know, i trust in norm, but… i’m confused now.

    hit me, beat me, i don’t care, but these songs are just a fucked record industry’s newly retro-sucked trashs, that’s my opinion.
    i don’t want to care about them, before there’s a ‘trend’.

    okay, i go to sleep, good night for everyone in this little section of the world, where i can hear some really great music at all.
    except this mix.
    i blow my brains out. :-C

  2. Finally a new superb fatboy live set! 8-) Acceptable quality and nice selection of tunes. Btw, links are working fine for me.

    @ Zenit: Can’t really understand your point of view.
    I also appreciated norm’s mixes back from the 90’s a lot but those were kinda underground @ these times. Today in Brazil it’s different i think, people expect different tunes like the new Rap das Armas song but also some ‘commercial’ house like mickey slim. Now he’s playing for 200000+ people instead of 2000+ like ten years ago.
    It’s not a matter of drug influences at all – remember: "kalifornia is druggy druggy druggy…!" ;-)

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