1. I think its a real bad idea ditching the Fatboy Slim name.
    C’mon Norm dont ditch it mate,keep it and yes bring back BIG BEAT!

  2. Anyway Fatboy Slim will stay active until Big Beach Boutique 4 in september that’s how i feel the things. I see in the change of name a good news: Norm stay an active producer but maybe in a music style you don’t expect. Fatboy Slim is too linked to Big Beat / DJing so it’s natural that Norm change the name if his project is different. The critics will kill the album if it sort under FBS name. (remember the pallokaville album). The author of the Sun’s article seems to reduce and understand that Norm change defintively his artist name and the info was broadcasted faster (nme,…included my blog)… he didn’t think that FBS had several dates this summer…

  3. Now i know where the article came from that RAG the sun,should have known it was a load of BOLLOCKS!

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