The end of Fatboy Slim? Zoe Ball urges Norman Cook to quit DJing and avoid temptation

Norman Cook claims to have won his battle with booze but wife Zoe Ball is now urging him quit DJing too.


The superstar DJ, better known as Fatboy Slim, returned from a month in rehab a fortnight ago after a successful bid to stop drinking.

But pals say former Radio 1 presenter Zoe is worried he could slip into old habits on the DJ scene.


Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim leaves his home with wife Zoe andf child Woody in Hove, Sussex. Norman has returned after a period of time in rehab for alcoholism.



She is trying to help get Norman, 45, get back on track but believes he can only stay away from alcohol by changing his lifestyle.

And it seems Norman is willing to do anything to save his marriage, which hit a rocky spell in 2003 when she admitted having a brief affair.

One friend told Closer magazine: ‘Zoe thinks Norman’s love of drinking comes from the DJing scene.

‘She wants him to stop DJing at clubs and concerts and produce music at home instead. She thinks it’ll help.


Norman Coo

Iconic DJ: Fatboy Slim entertains 15,000 partygoers at the Big Beach party in Portrush, Northern Ireland

‘Norman hopes to turn things around, but he knows he needs to do what Zoe says.’

Zoe, 38, who has been married to the Praise You DJ for 10 years, also wants him to change his lifestyle by getting fit and eating better.

When she fell pregnant with their son Woody, now eight, she gave up drinking and gave up partying.

‘She stopped being the wild party girl that she was in order to get pregnant with Woody and then become a mum,’ the source told Closer.

‘Now she feels it’s Norman’s turn to knuckle down.’

 Zoe Ball and husband DJ Norman Cook.
DJ ban? Zoe has reportedly asked Norman to quit the DJ circuit

Zoe wants him to produce music at their £2million home in Hove and to stick to the good work started at the Providence Project clinic in Bournemouth.

He checked in there at the beginning of March after battling alcoholism ‘for some time’.

But while he was there, she donated his collection of hip flasks to charity shops and he was more than miffed that his ‘drinking memorabilia’ was missing when he got home.

As she filled in for  Ken Bruce on Radio 2, she told told listeners she tried to buy them back.

She added: ‘If anyone has any trinkety hip flasks they no longer need, could they send them?’


Fatboy Slim - Big Beach Boutique

Crowds: His legion of fans will be disappointed. 250,000 people turned up to Brighton Beach during the 2002 Big Beach Boutique to see him play

The star has made no secret of his love of alcohol in the past, and confessed he does not like being sober on stage.

‘Fatboy Slim is my alter ego – he’s confident, a bit of a show-off,’ he once said. ‘It takes me until midnight to psych myself into him. The difference between me and him is a bad Hawaiian shirt and half a bottle of vodka.

‘I’ve tried going on stage sober and it wasn’t much fun.’

In February, he admitted some of the collaborations on his new album, recorded under the alias The Brighton Port Authority, had been recorded during drinking sessions.

He is not due to perform now until after June.




  1. :( . I am very lucky to have seen Fatboy Slim live before it might have been too late. On a lighter note, congratulations Norm for fighting off the booze.

  2. That’s what a loving wife is for. To stop doing your life. Why doesn’t she help norman, to drink responsibly during events? He is not a homeless jerk. he can put down the bottle. I think.
    But maybe the truth is way different.

    Mr Norman, get well, and get BACK!

  3. Not a big fan of the live shows, but i love the production work. maybe norm can live in the studio 24/7 now and recapture the glory days of 1996-2001 and bring back big beat…
    either way, best of luck, mr. slim!

  4. It would be very very sad if Norman was to hang up his DJ headphones :( ,but without a shadow of a doubt his health has to come first!
    Best of luck Norman,get well,fight fit and hopefully we will see you behind a set of decks in the near future,if not we will all be really looking forward to you making great Fucking music in the future!

  5. Not now Norman i just bought some tickets for the sms festival in august :no: :pray:

    Of course nothing is more important as your own health but nevertheless i don’t think norman will quit DJing it’s a part of his life.

    How Ben already said he should learn to drink responsibly :old:

    Get well soon ! :)

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