1. I second the ‘Boat’ option…

    Rory, any more luck on the ol’ track ID’s?

    And congratulations on the Myspace numbers mate, hats off LOL


  2. Having thought about this, and signed up for the free content etc, watched the videos and that I’ve decided that this is one of the best marketing schemes of recent times.

    Norman and his team have never been shy when it comes to the ‘See what happens’ approach but this really is genius, it’s almost like releasing REAL lost tapes from his career now that he’s getting on and won’t be making any more music…but it’s not, it’s all new material so marketing it otherwise is pure media manipulation.

    I love the tongue in cheekness of it all, the way that even the collaborators are in on it, quality stuff once again…

    I reckon ‘We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat’ will be a massive success.

    Best of luck boys ‘n’ girls!


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