DMC Update interview (May 2010)

Mr whistle posse!

You’re headlining this summer’s South West Four, not the first time you’ve been down…

“We did Clapham Common a few years ago and it was mental. It was really hot and we couldn’t get everyone in the tent that I was supposed to be playing in. As I remember, The Happy Mondays very kindly gave us half their slot on the main stage, but this time we’re coming back and this time we’re going to do it properly. There will be lots of lights, lots of lazers, lots of bells and lots of whistles! Expect the full Fatboy summer extravaganza! Me DJing, big screens, big visuals and inflatable dancing pigs.”

 What is your best festival memory?

“It’s probably going to be from Glastonbury. Unfortunately the irony is that I can’t actually ever remember anything that happens at Glastonbury, so I don’t know what my best festival memory is. It’s got to be when the sun comes out and people lose it!”
 What do you enjoy most about playing outdoors?

“When people are in a club and it’s rocking they get pretty excited. But when people are outdoors and it’s sunny and it’s rocking they get triple excited. There’s something about the fresh air and being in a different environment. So playing outdoors in a park or on a beach always sends the excitement level up to about 13.”
 What do you enjoy about playing in London?

“It’s always nice to do one big show every year in London because it is so easy just to play there over and over again. It’s good because everyone is always there, all my family come. It feels as near to home as you can get outside of Brighton.”

 What is your one festival tip for South West Four?

“My festival tips for Clapham Common obviously would be sun block and a good hat. Bring your hips and your dancing feet!”
 How is fatherhood the second time round?

“Easier than the first time! But it is still hard work. Luckily I’m used to late nights and interrupted sleep, but little Nelly is beautiful.”

What are you expecting from the South West Four crowd?

“I’ve heard its always sunny and that South London rule over North London each and every time! It was mayhem when I played in Clapham before so I’m expecting controlled mayhem in the sunshine.”

What are you most excited about?

“I think one thing I’m excited about this year is that we’ve been doing a beach party in Brighton for the last few years, but we can’t do it this year so my big Southern England show is Clapham Common. This means we can let our hair down, let loose and spend all the money that I would have spent on lighting up Brighton beach on lighting up the Common!”


Special thanks to Vambo ;)

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  1. Really looking forward to this gig. It just happens to fall on my birthday, so it will make for a very happy Marty :D

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