1. just the same as last year, or the year before, or more before. It’s so sad to see my loved Norman is turned his partys to a job to done. He has the same CDs or the same LPs, and he has the order to play them, and that’s all.
    I thinnk he haven’t got time to search or listen new music, he maybe tired. But if he has enough money (I think he has), he shouldn’t make events these frequently. It would be better to make 4-5 big party with new music, than play this already listened over tracks over and over.
    I’m sooo sad :( Please Norm, don’t do it, if you can’t do it as in the good old days. Or get in contact with Armand van Helden, and make something special!!!

  2. Ben,

    Have to disagree with you there mate. Norm’s set for this summer is completely different than anything he’s done for some years. Yes he plays some of his old fav’s. If he didn’t, people would be up in arms.

    His set this year is the best I’ve seen him do since the first Rockness in 2006. :)

  3. Vambo,

    I already read that you heard norm, and I was waitng soo much, to hear a live set. my last writing was about the video upside. This tracks are totally the same as the las 3 years, but if you say so, than I hope that this video is cutted incorrectly, and the guy who edited liked only these 100times heard tracks.

    I hope you are right, I’m still waiting a fresh live set, which prooves that.
    thanks for your answer! :)

  4. Ben,

    If you get the chance to Norm this summer. I promise you will not be dissapointed. He has a much more up to date (music wise) set. Visuals are great, and new.

    I think you are right about how the guy has edited this video.


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