Family Funktunes Radio Show #19 (with Norman Cook) [OCT 2011]

Huge thanks to Norman Cook for coming on the show.
He kindly brought down a few vinyl nuggets which we span alongside our own crate diggin’ finds. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did recording it.
It went out on air Saturday 19th Nov 2011 on Brighton’s finest radio station, Radio Reverb 97.2FM,
Massive thanks to Dave and Ann-Marie for the use of Damage to record the show.
In true Funktunes style you can also hear the very amateur skills of Dan and Si (aka Dante & Delv) as radio presenters… ahem.
We did only have two mics though, and forgot about the sound levels until near the end!
We’ll be playing records – and not talking – in a venue near you soon.

Peace out.

D & D


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