FATboard Officially open

As i announced and after 12 days of test.. the board is officially open.
I would like to thanks all the Beta tester.
To resume, 5 sections, 4 readables by guests and one only for members a private board with 4 sections. No really rules. I think that i integrated the essential functions as embeded youtube video ect… but finally disabled the attachement in PM (i don't want to charge my server).
This board is private and i want to warn that people who disturb it, will be simply banned and if the public zone become crappy, i simply turn the board into very restricted area (with selectionned members).

So you could post all fatboy slim related infos, reviews, opinions, links… discuss anything, djing, our productions..

Anyway i reserve the right of editing posts or supress somes (a pm will be send to the poster).

I don't want to developp a big board (i have no time for that), the objective is to have a quality board and i think that it haven't got the potential to become important. I want an area where we can continue to share and talk about fbs easily.

So now have fun and retain one link: http://www.fatboyslim.org/board


Edit of the 6 Feb 2008: there is now only 4 sections
Edit of the 8 Feb 2008: The board is now only reserved to members
Edit of the 12 Feb 2008: The board is now integrated into the blog's design


  1. hmm i’ve registered as obeseboy slim but not activation email yet and when i click to resend it, its says no such email address, any ideas

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