Running on empty ?

runningWell, as you can see i didn't post since a long time.. (only one week and its seems an eternity he he)

In fact i took the opportunity of the quite moment (no fbs news) to update the poor old website (non updated since months and by the way non attractive..)

So for the moment i stay on the background and put my webmaster costume.

-new menu:
guestbook & updates sections suppressed (not used, i took the decision to delete them…)

-new home page:
with automaticlly the 5 last fbs news from the blog and the 5 last news from "making of" ;)


– new biography presentation:

– new videos presentation (i think that now there will be no bugs for everyone ;) )

– update of the link page (again dead sites this year… )

– the resurection of the FATplayer ;) :

– little modification of the wiki:

The next thing to update will be the discography… and the archive (probably a better presentation with an other order: sound / video / press, i'll see…), update the gallery.. so again few week of entertainement for the webmaster.

So hope, i don't miss you.. i'll probably be back in few days (probably 10 days) on the blog. During this time, take a look on the board and wake up it!! ;)

See you soon, addicted people,


  1. Very interesting !
    Viva Francis, I think site will be more interesting than was 8-)
    I support modification !!! :-) ;-)

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